Blue Diamond Spectrum

Blue Diamond Spectrum

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BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM Cosmetic ampules for external use. BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampules - a product from the SURGERY LIKE category - is the third, after cream and peeling, cosmetic from the innovative COLWAY product line bearing the precious Blue Diamond symbol. The ampules perfectly complement the effects of these above mentioned products, and thanks to the wealth of unique ingredients, they are probably the only ampules in the world that produce effects which resemble those achieved by the best plastic surgeons.

The set contains 9 ampules. 2 are used for an enzymatic peeling that prepares the skin for taking in the serum ingredients and the remaining 7 are intended for ultimate skin care.


In this way, the skin undergoes a two-stage, intensive and highly effective revitalization, regeneration and lifting process - starting from its deep layers and fibroblasts. This is possible thanks to the use of very effective promoters of glycosaminoglycans penetration, also found in the BLUE DIAMOND cream and peel, which briefly unseal the epidermal lipid barrier so that the active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin. These promoters work even more effectively in ampules than in peel and cream, because a water formula, rather than emulsion, is used.


  • Adults
  • For all skin types
  • To be used both directly onto the skin or to enrich cosmetics
  • Especially recommended for mature skin on the face, neck and decolletage in need of immediate revitalization, regeneration and smoothing. 

Method of Use:

Start by thoroughly washing and cleansing the face skin of makeup.

Shake the ampule gently before opening.

Open with the special ampule breaker included in the package.

Spread the content on the skin with clean hands, making gentle massage movements.

For the first two days, use the ampule with an enzyme pilling (2 pieces with milky yellowish color).  Leave for a few to several minutes. Wash thoroughly with water and gently dry the face with a towel. Apply a care cream.

For the next 7 days, apply the contents of the care ampules to the skin (7 pieces bluish color). Apply a care cream.