Collagen Face Wash Gel

Collagen Face Wash Gel

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Clean Care is the basis for its natural beauty.  Wash skin with water, a treatment which we give it at least twice a day.  Water alone is not enough because it does not cope with all the gathering dirt on the skin.  To effectively and easily remove any cosmetics, dirt, sebum, etc. - should consult the appropriate cleaning preparations.  Choice of washing your face should also take into account the individual needs of our skin.

Choice of preparation and washing-up remover for women can be challenging.  Many cosmetic ingredients and fragrances in fact cause irritation or even allergies.  For daily facial hygiene are therefore highly desirable syndety - specially blended mixture of cleaning, enriched with moisturizing ingredients and / or Balancing


  • softens and smooths skin,
  • hydrates dermis,
  • stimulates skin regeneration processes,
  • enhances protection against free radicals.

Active substances:

  • Natural Collagen
  • Aloe Extract
  • Noni Extract
  • D-panthenol
  • Glycerin