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Colvita is a result of a sensational invention of Polish biotechnology – pure and natural collagen obtain from fish skin. It is a supplement of diet and nutricosmetic in capsules, a unique in the world complex of freezed dried pure fish tropocollagen, algae extract and vitamin E. Colvita is a new approach to the problem on how to look after body tissues build from collagen. You can experience how the supplementation works from inside of your body.

Colvita has been created in accordance with directives defined by nutritionists, immunologists, and dermatologists in

  • freeze-drying of protein of fish background
  • selection of active ingredients and their doses
  • constant verification of ingredients quality
  • respondents opinion on product's effectiveness 

Colvita supplementation will not replace a varied diet and is not recommended as the only source of supplementation. Colvita was not meant to be a panacea and does not contain many other active substances, also those that would increase synthesis of collagen

Colvita is a crowning achievement of biotechnological works on products obtain from fish collagen which stops the time. Chains of human collagen are built from 20 amino acids. Only part of them is produced by the human organism. The rest of them have to be delivered with food. However, they do not occur too often in our diet, and even if they do, they loose much of their value due to thermal processing they undergo. Colvita supplementation is a constant supplying of amino acids for cells producing and servicing collagen. Colvita is produced from lyophilized fish collagen. Lyophilization means freezing of pure collagen up to minus 40 Celsius degrees in vacuum and elimination of water (drying). It guarantees the highest purity and lightness of the product.