Restorative Face Cream

Restorative Face Cream

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DNA repair and protection is the most important part of maintaining healthy, youthful skin. We know what it needs, which is why we created a line of cosmetics that strengthens and activates the skin’s own natural cell formation processes, stimulating them to grow and divide. 

The DNA line features highly-concentrated cosmetic formulas that have a unique effect not only on the skin’s surface, but also at the cellular and intercellular levels. Products in the DNA line are based on innovative scientific achievements, the proven biological effect of active collagen and active ingredients sourced from around the world. This guarantees its efficiency and rejuvenating effect compared to the usual aesthetic treatments. 

Restorative face cream slows the appearance of the visible signs of aging, rebuilds the skin and helps maintain the regenerative processes that preserve its beauty. This is the latest generation of skin cream, and uses a four-level anti-aging formula. Restorative face cream protects skin cells from oxidative stress, helps to restore their cellular matrix by intensifying cell regeneration processes, and moisturizes and stimulates collagen synthesis. This multidirectional care was created from 16 active ingredients, combines a peptide-corrective action, powerful antioxidants, DNA and RNA nucleic acids, and growth hormones that stimulate DNA repair processes. Composition enriched with valuable natural oils that greatly nourish the skin and help restore its lipid coat. 


Active Substances:

DNA + RNA (native) - nucleic acids that initiate skin structure replication, activate cells, and have a strong antioxidant effect, protecting against reactive oxygen species. They filter toxins by protecting the skin’s cellular structure, expand peripheral vessels, and improve circulation. All pf this serves to oxygenate cells and improve the metabolism of lipids. 


Fish collagen (the ‘skin rejuvenator’) - helps to slow the aging process. It stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize bodily collagen, provides long-term protection against moisture loss and smoothes wrinkles. 


Kinetin - a growth hormone that stimulates DNA repair processes, protects against UV rays and free radicals, and reduces hyperpigmentation. Activates fibroblasts and stimulates collagen production. 


Copper peptide GHK-Cu - composed of a copper particle and various amino acids, including glycine, L-histidine, and L-lysine. It stimulates the functioning of stem cells, increases production of collagen in the skin, prevents photo-aging, improves elasticity and evens skin tone. It also helps to reduce wrinkles by increasing the skin’s density and thickness. 


Dragon’s Blood - contains more than 40 active molecules, including alkaloids that stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and other substances with very high antioxidant activity. 


Agastache Mexicana - is a natural soothing and calming complex that reduces the impact of stressors on the skin, soothes inflammation caused by acne rosacea and reduces excessive temperatures across the skin’s surface. 


Coenzyme Q10 - an antioxidant that is responsible for the synthesis of ATP, the chemical energy used in all life processes – it also protects the mitochondria that fuel the body’s own ‘power plant’. Coenzyme Q10 is also a natural UV filter.


Liposomes (with added Vitamin C) - allows for deeper penetration and gradual release of the vitamin. A powerful antioxidant that provides protection from the sun, it also stimulates the production of collagen, tightens blood vessels and brightens the skin. By inhibiting melanin production, it leaves the skin looing radiant. 


LMW hyaluronic acid - provides a strong moisturizing effect and helps fill in wrinkles. It also helps rebuild damage to the epidermal layer, creates a protective film on the skin to prevent moisture loss, and smoothes, firms and improves skin elasticity.


Tomato seed oil (with high lycopene content) - an antioxidant containing Omega 3 and 6 that shows anti-inflammatory activity and acts as a natural UV filter.


Cranberry seed oil - a ‘scavenger’ of free radicals thanks to its natural tocopherols, cranberry seed oil also regulates the secretion of sebum and has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.


Argan oil - regenerates and nourishes the skin, reducing irritation and redness. It also has an antioxidant effect that effectively slows skin aging, as well as moisturizing and toning.


Avocado oil - known as the ‘7-vitamin oil’ (A, B, D, E, H, Q, PP), avocado oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin, has high compatibility with natural skin lipids and helps complete the skin’s lipid barrier. 

Jojoba oil - protects against excessive water loss and gives the skin a smooth, non-greasy finish. Jojoba oil regenerates, has an antioxidant effect, moisturizes and softens. It also sooths inflammation and nourishes and protects the skin against wrinkles caused by dryness. 


Vitamin E - an antioxidant that inhibits skin aging. Rebuilds the lipid layer of the epidermis and enhances protection against harmful external factors. Vitamin E also improves blood circulation, thus compensating for oxygen and nutrient deficiencies, and has a moisturizing effect.


Allantoin - moisturizes, softens, soothes irritation and accelerates skin renewal processes.


Direction for Use:

Apply morning and evening to face and neck.