Hair Thickening Conditioner

Hair Thickening Conditioner

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Unique in the world, complete Hair Conditioner.

Carefully chosen ingredients let the Conditioner work on the whole length of your hair.

Hair structure:

  • Root of the hair
  • Sebaceous glands and hair channel
  • Hair shaft built of keratin, the hair above the channel (which is what we see and call hair).

 Virtually all hair conditioners only make contact with the visible part of the hair above its channel. Hair Thickening Conditioner - proprietary cosmetic designed by a Polish Doctor of Chemistry: Krzysztof Slon - thanks to the presence of active diosmin, works on the area where hair is born, ie. on its roots. Relatively high concentration of diosmin results in increased blood flow through the blood vessels present in the hair bulb, which results in more nutrients being used by the body to stimulate hair growth.

Thanks to such an avant-garde composition of this Conditioner, we can enjoy the amazing effects of its use. Newly growing hair regains its natural color, even in the early stage of graying. Hair grows stronger and is better moisturized and healthy. Even after the first use we notice that hair becomes greasy much slower and it looks fresh even up to three days after it's been washed. COLWAY Hair Thickening Conditioner will steal hearts of those people who do not want to wash their hair every day and want to keep its fresh look for longer.

Directions for use:

Apply a small amount of conditioner on wet hair and massage it into the hair and scalp for one to two minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Use every time you wash your hair.

It is highly recommended to wash your hair using COLWAY Hair Thickening Shampoo. Using these two products together greatly increases the effect of hair thickening and reduces hair loss, which will be noticeable when combing your hair even after a few weeks of regular use.

Effects: hair thickening

  • less hair lost/ inhibition of hair loss process
  • strong and healthy hair

The product does not contain parabens, SLS, SLES or silicones.

Not tested on animals.